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Leyden Rodriguez works on a piece.
This page provides information about former Eagle artists.
Where are they now? Clink on this link to find out.

The caves of Lascaux, France.

Bison figure in the caves of Lascaux.
Make a virtual visit to the cave.
Three young boys found this cave.  They made an exploration into through a hole equipped with just an oil lamp.

Venus of Willendorf, Vienna, Austria. 

Venus of Willendorf
This little statue can be found in the "Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England.

Stonehenge photograph.
The Magical Mystery tour starts here.  This is the official webpage of Stonehenge.

The Caves of Altamira, Spain.

Visit this website to find out more about what was discovered deep inside these caves.  "Las Cavernas de Altamira, Espana!"

Olgas Gallery

Olga's Gallery. This is a really great website to see the work of famous artists. It has an artist index as well as country of origin and the movement that they were part of.

MDCPS Life Skills

This is the official MDCPS Life Skills website. Click on this link for info about art in MDCPS and Florida.

Google Art Project

This is Googles Art Project. When you click on this link, it takes you to virtual art galleries around the world.