The Art teacher

Ms. Rita Touzet  is the art teacher in the Southwest Art Studio.  
Ms. Touzet is a native of Cuba and a naturalized citizen of the United States.  She came to the United States in 1961.  Ms. Touzet is a graduate of Hialeah High School.   She was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida International University in 1976.  She received her Master in Education degree from Nova-Southeastern University and has completed over 50 hours of post-graduate work in Gifted education, psychology and fine arts courses since the awarding of her last degree.  Ms. Touzet holds teaching certifications from the State of Florida in Art, Reading and Gifted education.
She started her teaching career in Miami-Dade County in 1976.  Ms. Touzet began teaching at Southwest high school in 1983. 
Ms. Touzet is passionate about teaching art.  She particularly enjoys working with high school students.  When not teaching, she spends time, painting, reading, traveling, visiting museums, working on the computer and fishing in her boat. 

You can contact her at: SWArtStudio@DadeSchools.Net